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Apr 18, 2006 — What do you do when you get email intended for someone else?

It is so easy to mistype an email address that it is fairly common to get someone else's mail. If it gets through your spam filter you pretty much can't help but read it (not like you have to rip open an envelope or anything) so once you realize it is not for you, what do you do? Forward? Return to sender? Nothing at all?

Today I got one that had some holiday greetings and a bit of job search information. I know what it is like to be looking for a job, so I forwarded it on to the intended recipient. (The correct address was in the body of the thread.)

I know someone who has inadvertently learned personal information - to the degree that it might be very awkward to forward or return.

Another friend has received the invitation and full agenda for a weekend of bachelorette partying. I thought she should just go, I mean, it sounded like fun.

Dylan says:

I had this happen to me once, very early on in something like 1995. The e-mail that got misrouted to me was one with a lot of really personal information. I simply sent it on to the intended recipient. That's gotta be pretty embarrassing, though. I do remember one time I was on IRC and double-clicked someone's name to complain about some guy who was in the channel. Ended up that I double-clicked the wrong name and had started complaining to the person I was complaining about. Yeah, I felt pretty shallow about then.

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