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Sorry, wrong number!

Apr 18, 2006 / 1 Reply What do you do when you get email intended for someone else?

It is so easy to mistype an email address that it is fairly common to get someone else's mail. If it gets through your spam filter you pretty much can't help but read it (not like you have to rip open an envelope or anything) so once you realize it is not for you, what do you do? Forward? Return to sender? Nothing at all?

Today I got one that had some holiday greetings and a bit of job search information. I know what it is like to be looking for a job, so I forwarded it on to the intended recipient. (The correct address was in the body of the thread.)

I know someone who has inadvertently learned personal information - to the degree that it might be very awkward to forward or return.

Another friend has received the invitation and full agenda for a weekend of bachelorette partying. I thought she should just go, I mean, it sounded like fun.


Apr 14, 2006 / 1 Reply Ok, so today I decided to do something I always meant to do, test my actual broadband speed, and compare the wireless speed to the wired speed, etc. Found this site www.speakeasy.net/speedtest and ran my work laptop. Result, about 780kbps. That sucks! It's like DSL. I've got a cable modem. Ran my desktop (same router) and got 5500kbps. Holy crap, that's a huge difference. Ran my wireless card. 2000+ kbps. My wireless 802.11b connection is 3x faster than the wired ethernet. Inconceivable. Is it a crappy laptop nic card? So I tried a different cable, and boom. 5000 - 6000 kbps. I've been living in dsl land for 10 months because of a bad cable! Maybe not that long, I rearranged my desk and wires a few months ago. But criminy.

Mach 10!

Nov 16, 2004 / 4 Replies NASA's X-43A is a hypersonic, scramjet-powered research aircraft designed to fly at up to Mach 10.

I think the design looks strangely familiar! Coincidence?

We have a policy...

Jun 8, 2004 / 1 Reply This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile:

Notified of the security holes Moore and Chisholm exploit, Friendster rep Lisa Kopp insists, "We have a policy that we are not being hacked." When I explain that, policy or no, they are being hacked, she says, "Security isn't a priority for us. We're mostly focused on making the site go faster."

It is in a Wired article about online dating.

Fuel for thought

May 18, 2004 / 25 Replies In the US, we use more than 165 Billion gallons of gas/diesel per year.

At around $2 a gallon, that is about $.50 more than last year. If it stays that pricey, and the widely reported conjecture is that it will for some time, that will be a rate of $83 billion dollars per year.